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Because of repeatedly bad behavior, discrediting and lack of common sense from a lot of people I have decided to not help anyone anymore for free...

It breaks my heart to have to do this but because of the increasing bad behavior among Internet trolls I feel I have no other option.

There are a very few of you actually bothering to say thanks and even fewer that send a donation now and again and that I really appreciate, the others demanding my time, demanding I make changes for them or the people calling me names because I ask them to check the manual or read the F.A.Q I don't appreciate as much...

Here are a few of the latest months appreciations I have gotten as actual quotes:

From user "Bill": "I know more about webprogramming than you do, so I know that amateurs have no idea, they need testing. I realised, you haven't got the skills to fix anything. You may have good intensions but that is not enough to code."

From Erik: "How do I change width of the popup? This is useless if you cant change the setting. You say it is easy to use, I wasted my time so you need to fix it and send me new program"

From anonymous: "You have to write the worst code ever, I tried to fix your code but it is so bad I can't use it!"

From Dave:  "You claim it's simple then you fix this piece of sh*t code!"

From Greg: "This is the third time I am contacting you to fix the problems I am having. Fix it now or I will contact someone who will and charge you, you f*****g moron"



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I am a tech geek and developer from start and think that scripting is the best thing that has ever been invented. I tend to make script to right and left and then forget about them and a few months or years later ponder upon what they where ever built for...

I will most likely not add any script stuff here as those are normally developed to suit my needs or config but all the Joomla stuff will be added here...

I am working on a new version of Simple File Upload (SFU) but progress is slow.

I also want to create some decent "comment" system for articles here in Joomla but it all went techie on me and I had to learn a lot of new stuff so that is back on the shelf for now... :o

Find out more about my Open Source projects under each sub-menu:

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