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Because of repeatedly bad behavior, discrediting and lack of common sense from a lot of people I have decided to not help anyone anymore for free...

It breaks my heart to have to do this but because of the increasing bad behavior among Internet trolls I feel I have no other option.

There are a very few of you actually bothering to say thanks and even fewer that send a donation now and again and that I really appreciate, the others demanding my time, demanding I make changes for them or the people calling me names because I ask them to check the manual or read the F.A.Q I don't appreciate as much...



NB! Please note that FancyBox used in Simple PopUp has a bug causing some issues on jQuery version 1.10.2 which is used in Joomla 3! (2014-02-28)
For Joomla 3, use the setting in backend for temporary fix!


NEWS: Version 2.0 released! (see below)


Use Simple PopUp to show a message, as a image gallery, add any content to it from the Joomla Article editor.

Pop-it up on page load (or not), pop-up only once for each user using cookies, add links through the Article as well. No need for menu items to pop-up the box! (not in version 1.0).

Simple PopUp will let you add a FancyBox Pop-up on any page. The message is written in the Article as "hidden" text. 

It will use the styling you give it when creating it in the Article complete with text styling, images, lines and/or tables.


How to use:


1) Install the plugin package.

2) Enable it in the PlugIn Manager!

3) In any article add the popup brackets { simplepopup } (without spaces)

Check this page for Advanced usage!




Tons of new stuff packed into this one!

The most exciting is that I have added support for Youtube videos and put in a lot more flexibility into the settings through a bunch of new parameters. For example you can now use a Lightbox style, you can set the transitions, use your own CSS, set it to close on click, show/hide the close button and so much more!

Here is a list of all the added parameters: name, textalign, width, height, autodimensions, scrolling, cookie, popup, link, url, gallery, cssclass, articleid, title, titleposition, hideonoverlayclick, hideoncontentclick, closebutton, transitionin / transitionout, speedin / speedout, overlayshow, overlayopacity, overlaycolor, video, autoplay, boxstyle

See the users guide for version 2.0 for a more detailed explanation.

Version 2.0 has a discrete copyright notice for the Free version (GPL). For any commercial usage I would encourage you to buy the commercial version for a mere 5 USD.

Find out more about the commercial version here:




I am quite excited about my new version...




    - Simple PopUp, regular PopUp like the one demo:ed on the previous page.

    - Multiple PopUp's on the same page using links to open them.

    - Prevent the PopUp at page load (like on this page), but not on the previous page where the PopUp opens at page load.

    - Use external content through URL, e.g. adding

    - Use image in PopUp, also using title (description) for images.

    - Use it as a Image Gallery, open the first image and then have "next" and "previous" navigation buttons to change image.

    - Cookie support added (2011-07-30)! You can chose to only show the pop-up once to each visitor. See the manual for more information.



Added support for using Joomla Login Form in the PopUp through nesting of {load position}

See the manual for details!




 If you use Simple PopUp, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. 


Take care!




Thursday the 2nd.