This is an Article loaded into Simple Pop-Out!

You can load any articles and type and add images just like a normal page.

You can use it as a disclaimer or "agree" box as well, check the sub-menus.


This page will show you a sample of the Cookie disclaimer. It will always load on every refresh.

In real usage you would enable a Cookie to only show it once!

I had a need to show the EU cookie disclaimer on my site so I wrote a neat little Module to help me with that. I have now packaged it up for you to use as well...

The Pop-Out is seen on this page (every time you reload it). You can also trigger the Pop-Out from a simple link (Anchor) or create a button or even an image as long as it triggers a click event and has a specific Class set.

However, the mail idea behind Simple Pop-Out is to show information at page load and also to show "disclaimer" options like "Do you agree to terms?", "Do you accept cookies?" or "Are you 18 or older?", etc.

Check the other samples:

Cookie disclaimer:

Agree to terms:


You can open the Pop-Out from a link as well, try it using this link.

You can also opt to show a button from the Module (check the right up hand side of this page).

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