Support Disclaimer


Because of repeatedly bad behavior, discrediting and lack of common sense from a lot of people I have decided to not help anyone anymore for free...

It breaks my heart to have to do this but because of the increasing bad behavior among Internet trolls I feel I have no other option.

There are a very few of you actually bothering to say thanks and even fewer that send a donation now and again and that I really appreciate, the others demanding my time, demanding I make changes for them or the people calling me names because I ask them to check the manual or read the F.A.Q I don't appreciate as much...

Here are a few of the latest months appreciations I have gotten as actual quotes:

From user "Bill": "I know more about webprogramming than you do, so I know that amateurs have no idea, they need testing. I realised, you haven't got the skills to fix anything. You may have good intensions but that is not enough to code."

From Erik: "How do I change width of the popup? This is useless if you cant change the setting. You say it is easy to use, I wasted my time so you need to fix it and send me new program"

From anonymous: "You have to write the worst code ever, I tried to fix your code but it is so bad I can't use it!"

From Dave:  "You claim it's simple then you fix this piece of sh*t code!"

From Greg: "This is the third time I am contacting you to fix the problems I am having. Fix it now or I will contact someone who will and charge you, you f*****g moron"



Simple PopUp - Disclaimer Version contains some more advanced features...


This version should be used for Age verification and/or Disclaimer.

For Joomla 1.6 and above!


For demonstrations on the usage just refresh the page. The popup won't be shown to logged in users!


Per requests I have now also developed a version for Joomla 1.5! Please indicate in the notes in PayPal which version you want!
Note that for the Joomla 1.5 version you must use {simplepopupdv} (note the "dv" at the end) for it to be compatible with the original package.




MODULE: Simple PopUp is now also available as a module!

The module is only supported on

You can set a message for a popup or a Disclaimer/Verification in the Module settings. You can also link an article as Disclaimer/Verification. The Module supports Exit message as well. The Module supports sites where you don't have an article on the front-page, such as VirtueMart and/or K2.

Please select the appropriate option at PayPal payment if you want the module version!



As an age-verification and/or Disclaimer is normally only needed for sites with adult content I have decided to charge a small amount for this version as I don't like to think that I contribute to any "naughty" stuff being sold where money would be made from my free stuff...

I ask for a $20 fee where the package and manual will be sent to you. I also include 1 months of "getting started" help along with regular support of course.


NB! The package will be sent manually by me so there will be a short wait before you get it!

I try to process all requests within hours and if you have to wait for more than 48 hrs you will get a refund of your money AND the package!


Get the disclaimer version along with a manual sent to you. Make sure you include the e-mail address for delivery if it differs from the registered PayPal e-mail address.



Use first popup as verification (Yes/No): set this to Yes to show a verification box
Verification message: Here you can type and format your message

Yes button text: The text shown on the Yes button
Yes action: Chose what action to take when Yes is clicked, chose between "close", "redirect", "message" and "javascript".
"Close", will of course just close the box.
"Redirect" redirects the user to the URL you give in "Yes - URL/Message/JavaScript function".
"Message" will show a alert with the text given in "Yes - URL/Message/JavaScript function".
"javascript" will run the function you give in "Yes - URL/Message/JavaScript function".
Yes - URL/Message/JavaScript function: here you either give the URL for redirect, a message to show in an alert or the JavaScript function name including parenthesis.

No” has the same parameters as above.

Verification JavaScript function:
here you can add javascript functions. NB! They must be syntax checked and correct, else your page might not load properly!


Saturday the 30th.