First off; Please note that this is not my job, it's my hobby!

And as such I can't offer "professional" services. I help out when I can and have time, please appreciate that and take into consideration that I give most of my time and efforts away for free for you to use (and in some cases benefit from).

I try really hard to do the best I can and to offer help when I can but I can't help all that asks and that is why I urge you to use the FAQ and the Forum. Also try to help others in the Forum and not rely on me answering all the questions!

I work alone, I have no team of developers or any business of any kind supporting me and my Joomla extensions and other code comes "as-is" without any guarantees or guaranteed support.

Some people tend to think I am getting well paid for this and should support them better or be more active in the forum but the truth is I am not doing this for money, if I did I would have quit a long time ago!
I hardly make up for a lunch a week on my extensions that I charge for.

I do get a donation now and again which I greatly appreciate. The other day I got 50 cents (USD) from a guy in Thailand as a donation and he wrote and made an excuse that he was only making a few dollars a day so he couldn't afford more but that donation is one of the most meaningful to me; someone who gives back!
It was only 50 cents but for him a true effort! So many today take things for free without a thought on why it is free, that someone has spent many, many hours creating it and offers it up for you to grab for nothing. Please give all these people the courtesy of at least showing your appreciation for their hard work by saying thank you in any way possible, be it a mail, a forum post, a review on some site or a donation!

I will continue working on my projects and you will find them under the Projects menu. Please feel free to grab whatever you want that is accessible from the site.

I hope you will find some useful stuff and don't hesitate to let me know what you think and/or give a thanks in case you grab something.




Please consider supporting my efforts.

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