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Gallery Feature Not Working

Gallery Feature Not Working

Thanks for the great plugin.  I just bought the commercial version!  But I'm having trouble getting the gallery feature to work.  Please take a look at the site where I'm using SimplePopup.

Click the "Our Work" choice from the main menu to roll down to the Work section that uses SimplePop.  Both the Biosurgery (the first one) and Multi Concept (the last one) graphics bring up lightboxes when clicked.  They both should be galleries, but the gallery feature doesn't seem to work.  It just shows the first image in a lighbox, without any forward or back arrows to navigate. Here's the code behind the first popup (Biosurgery):

<li>{simplepopup  link=bi1 gallery=bi }<img class="img-responsive" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="images/npmeded/bi-callout.jpg" alt="" />{/simplepopup}
<h4>Biosurgery Institute</h4>
<p>Strengthen thought leader relationships by creating a community for continued message flow and interaction.</p>
{simplepopup link=bi1 gallery=bi }View More{/simplepopup}</li>
{simplepopup name=bi1 gallery=bi  height=810 width=615 popup=false} <img src="images/npmeded/BINewsletterVol1.jpg" border="0"/> {/simplepopup}
{simplepopup name=bi2 gallery=bi  height=810 width=615} <img src="images/npmeded/BINewsletterVol2.jpg" border="0"/> {/simplepopup}
{simplepopup name=bi3 gallery=bi  height=810 width=615} <img src="images/npmeded/BINewsletterVol3.jpg" border="0"/> {/simplepopup}</li>

What am I doing wrong?  The site is built in Joomla 3.4.1.  Thanks for your help.

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