NB! Please note that FancyBox used in Simple PopUp has a bug causing some issues on jQuery version 1.10.2 which is used in Joomla 3! (2014-02-28)
For Joomla 3, use the setting in backend for temporary fix!

Simple PopUp - Pro Version contains some more advanced features...


Please review the manual here: Simple_PopUp.pdf

Here you can see the source of this page (as viewed in the Article Manager in Joomla back-end) including all the samples:

For demonstrations on the usage, SCROLL DOWN!

Login Form in PopUp


  • Simple PopUp, regular PopUp like the one demo:ed on the previous page.
  • Multiple PopUp's on the same page using links to open them.
  • Prevent the PopUp at page load (like on this page), but not on the previous page where the PopUp opens at page load.
  • Use external content through URL, e.g. adding http://myserver.com/mypage.html
  • Use image in PopUp, also using title (description) for images.
  • Use it as a Image Gallery, open the first image and then have "next" and "previous" navigation buttons to change image.
  • Cookie support added (2011-07-30)! You can chose to only show the pop-up once to each visitor. See the manual (above) for more information.
  • Fix 2011-08-19: Resize/center on screen not working properly for FancyBox on mobile devices (e.g. Android, iPhone). This is now fixed.

For all the above features, check the manual on settings and usage.


As always, remember to comment and give your feedback!


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Here are some of the new features displayed:

To use it from a menu, first create a regular PopUp in an article on the page where you need it. Give it a name, e.g. name=MyPopUp and make sure that it works and pop's up on the page. Next set it to not popup automatically adding popup=false after the name attribute. Now you should have something like { simplepopup name=MyPopUp popup=false}TEXT IN POPUP{ /simplepopup }
Next go and create a menu item as "External URL". For the URL enter "#spucontentMyPopUp", that is 
#spucontent<NameOfYourPopup> (without any quotes of course). The set the advanced parameters and type the name of the popup in as "class", e.g. MyPopUp. And your done!
Just make sure the popup is loaded on the page where the menu is active!


Click here to re-open the one on page load: LiightBox style


ONLY in 2.1 (iFrame and PDF):

Popup image in iFrame

Open PDF in new PDF Viewer

Open PDF in iFrame


ONLY IN 2.0:

OPEN YOUTUBE (Only in 2.0)

OPEN ANY ARTICLE   (Only in 2.0)
This also has the new feature to hide close button and hide on clicking content or background!

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Transition testing, fade in, elastic out slowly   (Only in 2.0)
With this you can change the transition in and out and also the speed of it.

This was a fading box...

Overlay changing   (Only in 2.0)
I have added a red more opac background (or overlay as it is called)

Overlay changing

This is a simple link to open a PopUp!

With this link you will open up a very important external URL.

Forms work too you know... Here a fake log in form .

Do you want to show images, you can use a thumb-nail, like so:


This is a sample link to open a PopUp that has a close link within!


Do you want to show the Joomla Login form?
If so you can see a sample by clicking here, and then read the last few pages of the manual (found at the top of this page).


An Image Gallery can be viewed here!

Image Gallery through Simple PopUp!

There are a few things to note here...

  • As you can see you can mix content and images as you see fit.
  • The title (description) must be added on the links, not the image tag (image tag is the text looking like {name_of-plugin}, with the curly brackets)
  • Each PopUp box, image, URL or content, must have a link item but you can hide them using the parameter "hidden" (see the manual).
  • If you want to show thumbs (like previous sample) you can do that too and not hide the links.
  • Hover your mouse on the left/right edge of the image to get the "next" and "previous" buttons visible!

Pretty cool, right? ;)


Here is the same gallery but using thumbs instead. Open any image and then move through the rest... Give it a try!



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