NB! Please note that FancyBox used in Simple PopUp has a bug causing some issues on jQuery version 1.10.2 which is used in Joomla 3! (2014-02-28)
For Joomla 3, use the setting in backend for temporary fix!


Here you can buy the commercial version of the Simple PopUp 2.0. This has no copyright text in the lower right corner of the screen.

This text is not shown in the paid commercial version. All other features are the same!

If you are looking for the Disclaimer version for Age verification or any other Yes/No question to access site, allow cookies or something else, look here: http://wasen.net/index.php/projects/spu-disclaimer-version


NB! The package will be sent manually by me so there will be a short wait before you get it!

I try to process all requests within hours and if you have to wait for more than 48 hrs you will get a refund of your money AND the package!


You will receive an e-mail with the package attached to the e-mail address used for the PayPal payment.

If you already have installed the free version simply re-install this version on top of the old, it will automatically get updated!

Buy now for $5!

Commercial version without copyright text

[No refunds will be granted
after delivery. Software is
delivered "as is" and will be delivered manually as e-mail attachment.]

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